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NoBlandMakeup Announcement and Bloopers!

Hey guys,
So this is going to be a short one, since I’ve basically explained everything in the video already lol. I’m going to try to commit to doing 3 videos a week:Monday, Wednesday, and Friday… Hopefully this will work out since I’m horrible at steadily posting lol. I might have a few random videos here or there (like tags, vlogs, idk what else), so if you want to see something specific- don’t hesitate to tell me. I always get to a video eventually… yes I’m still going to do Groot lol.
Another thing I’m excited to start doing, is a bi-weekly series called “Work Safe Wednesday”. This on is pretty self explanitory, but just incase, I will be doing work safe looks with a No Bland Makeup twist. No boring neutral eyes with zero pazzaz here. Hopefully this will be a success (meaning you guys will like it and not hate me for it lol).
The last important thing, that I am suuuuuuper excited about, is a Halloween series (That may or may not kill me) called “The 31 Days of Halloween”. Again this one is fairly self explainitory, 1 video a day for every day of October. I might need therapy after this one lol. I do have a few ideas in the works (Groot will be up way before this btw) like Chucky, Imohtep, Ronan, Wizard of Oz stuff, but I need more ideas for what you guys want to see. So like always, let me know down in the comments what you want to see.
I feel like I don’t say this enough, but thank you guys for watching my videos and supporting me. It really feels good when I hear from you guys, and I love interacting with you. This is why I take requests so seriousy… meaning that I do them lol. And this also explains why sometimes it takes a bit to get a request video out: I refuse to reward your kindness of leaving me a comment, letting me know what you want to see, and it comes out like poop. Sorry, but I’m not sorry. I think you guys appreciate that though ;).


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