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Shark Week Open Mouth Shark Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys!

It’s Shark Week! Well… Shark Day for me, but whatever. I’m turning myself into an open mouthed shark today because my craziness knows no bounds! And I was going to compete in Mehron Makeup Monday this week, but that didn’t happen… I really need to stop procrastinating. Anywho, This is my tribute to the Great White. What can I say? Jaws impacted my childhood more than I’d like to admit ;).

And Now for some random Shark Facts!

1. Sharks lived about 200 Million years before the Dinosaurs, and haven’t changed much. Why fix what isn’t broken I guess.

2. Hammer head sharks have soft heads at birth. Sometimes nature allows us small graces…

3. When a shark eats something it can’t digest, it throws up its stomach as well and then pulls its’ stomach back in. Not gonna lie, that one grossed me out a bit.

4. Sharks have alot of teeth. The cool part is that when they lose a tooth, the newer one grows back even bigger. Respect your scary elders ;).

5. About 2/3 of shark attacks happen in 6 ft of water. What can I say? When you gotta eat, you gotta eat.

6. A lady Blue Shark has thicker skin than her male counterpart so she can survive courtship. Talk about love bites…

7. Most sharks are born alive.

8. When a female shark is ready to give birth, she loses her appitite so she won’t eat her pups. I don’t know if this is sweet or scary.

9. We haven’t seen a shark dream yet. Maybe one day.

and 10. Sharks don’t have ears outside their bodies, but inside their heads. I don’t know, I just thought that one was really interesting :).

Incase you’re wondering where I got that info, it’s up at 80 Random Facts About


So what would you guys like to see next? What other animal deserves it’s own week? Let me know in the comments!

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9 thoughts on “Shark Week Open Mouth Shark Makeup Tutorial

  1. It took me a while to register that the ‘mouth’ was actually your neck that is how insanely good your painting skills are. I had no idea that sharks were around before dinosaurs!

  2. Oh my this is GOLD! I love Shark Week and I’ve been thinking on making a special photoshoot just for it this year and I’m definitely thinking about using this xx Thanks for sharing! Looks quite easy. Or I’ll just ask my gf to help lol

  3. I love these! Can’t believe how much can be done with makeup, I’d never even though of using your neck as part of the art or your eyelids! Blows my mind! And thank you for those facts – the one about apetite decrease not to eat the offspring is just unbelievable!

  4. Love the shark face body paint. Its very clever especially the effect of the mouth only seen when you lift up your head and the mouth becomes visible on your neck……awesome!

  5. Does it make me a bad person if I ask to go to the ER with you like this?
    OK, the medical world would frown upon us for this prank, but man, would that be cool.
    Or just sit next to you and offer you (your neck) fries, while we’re sitting in traffic?

    No. Bad.

    Well, maybe just once…

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