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A Year of No Bland Makeup

So it’s finally the end of 2014…
This year was kind of bittersweet for me. Granted there were alot of awesome things that happened: I went to the Bahamas for a second time for a photoshoot, I really got back into youtube, I found out I’m pretty decent at bodypainting. But there were also some crappy parts, like not being able to finish my 31 Days of Halloween thing (There’s always next year).
But all in all, this year was actually pretty badass now that I’m thinking about it. I’ve cracked 200 subscribers. I’ve gotten some pretty freaking awesome comments that gave me challenges you guys wanted to see. Some of these videos I wouldn’t have even thought about doing if it weren’t for you guys suggesting it. I’ve really pushed myself so much with this channel and it’s all because of you guys. Basically I’m saying thanks for being so freaking awesome.
So what’s coming for next year? Definitely random Star Wars tutorials since you guys seem to like the Darth Maul one I put out- and I already have a request for Darth Talon- alot more body paints inspired by cosplays, Work Safe Wednesday, some special Fx, randomness, and whatever you guys request. As much as I do this for myself, I also do it for you guys. Trust me, I don’t spend hours editing because I like it lol. So leave me your comments down below for what you guys would like to see next year, and what your New Years Resolution is that you actually plan on keeping ;). Mine is to update more regularly. No more random long ass hiatuses!
See you guys next year!



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