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Carnage Body Paint Tutorial



So I havent written one of these journal things in a while since I got rid of the Venom thing… that was a weird week. Lately I’ve been feeling a little weird though. I don’t know, almost like my anger is getting a little out of hand. This lady bumped into me and I kind of wanted to rip her guts out… Maybe it’s just that time of the month….

*3 days later*
…I think I have a problem… So those anger issues I was talking about a few days ago seem to be getting worse, some of my friends said I seem like a psycho… and I may have put a chair through her windshield… I don’t think I have a problem. I do have this weird black spot on my arm though. Going to the doctor in a few days to have it checked out.

*2 days later*
So I went to the doctor, who sent my results somewhere and now I’m in a holding cell at OsCorp because apparently the Venom parasite I brought back a few months ago had a baby Venom… well sorta… and now that thing lached onto me. Atleast I know I’m not crazy. If they don’t let me out soon I might go a little nuts.

*A couple hours later*
They ran some blood tests and it looks like Carnage, as they are calling me, is one with me, I am in my bloodstream… wow that was kind of trippy. That’s not the part that bothers me, what bothers me is that I’m still locked in this stupid room, they even electrified the door. It’s not my fault that the intern came too close. It’s been a touchy last couple of days…

I hope you guys liked my little narrative, and this video! It’s not a recration like I normally do, but it’s a little more artsy. Either way this is one of my favorite videos I’ve done so far and I hope you guys enjoy it!


Products Used:
Wolfe Fx Essentials Palette (001 White, 030 Red, 010 Black)

Brushes Used:
Made Yew Look Lip Brush
E.L.F. Essentials Foundation Brush

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