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Disney Side Contest Tutorial Extravaganza (NoBlandMakeup)

Yep, I finally did it! My last tutorial of the year is this ridiculous collage type thing for the Disney Side contest (that I'm pretty sure I lost since I didn't hear anything back). Oh Geeze was this fun lol. Basically the contest was to show your "Disney Side", the side of you that comes out when you visit a Disney park, your inner child- or in my case, making it look like Walt Disney's brain threw up all over you lmao. I do have to say this was alot different than anything I've ever done before. I mean, I've never

Jack the Pumpkin King Body Paint Tutorial (with Tayla James) (31 Days of Halloween)

Hey guys! So excited today to bring you my half of the Pumpkin Collab I did with Tayla James (! Speaking of collabs, after you guys finish watching this video, head on over to hers and check it out! This girl is seriously talented! So what the hell did I create? Why do I have an egghead? Well I created my own baldcap! First one too, and yes it didnt come out perfect, and may have ripped lol, but for a first try it came out pretty cool :D. This was inspired by Jack Skellington in the "This is Halloween" Montage, where he

Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack Skellington Makeup Tutorial Reboot

Good Day Citizens of Halloween Town! One of my all time favorite movies is the Nightmare Before Christmas. I've probably seen it a thousand times, and I don't think I'm exaggerating for once. It really is a fantastic movie about loving yourself and beng happy with yourself. Now, if you've been here a while, or have browsed through my videos, you'll notice that I've done a look exactly like this before; infact, it was actually my first video on Youtube. So why the hell did I redo it? I should be proud of my work and yada yada. I am proud