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Work Safe Wednesday Episode 7 Grunge Smokey Eye

Hey guys! It's Work safe Wednesday time, and today I'm bringing you a grungy look that is perfect for work without looking like you just rolled out of bed with a hangover... been there, don't want to do that again. So you're probably wondering, "why would I want a grungy look for work? Aren't I supposed to look extremely put together?". Sure you are, but some days are bitchy days where you feel like your glare needs a little more punch. Or, you have a hot date after with absolutely no time to get ready before hand, and would rather just

Work Safe Wednesday Ep. 1 Pop of Color

Hey Guys and Gals! So today starts my biweekly series called, you guessed it, Work Safe Wednesday! I started this series because see alot of the same makeup looks when it comes to work. Now, don't get me wrong, they look good; but I have this thing about people looking the same all the time. I believe that just because you are in a stricter setting, doesn't mean you have to limit yourself to boring makeup every day. Jazz it up a bit without losing your job. That being said, I know some work places are a bit more strict on makeup