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Concrete Minerals Zombie Girl Collection Review

Picture of The Zombie Girl Collection from Concrete Minerals Website

Hello my undead minions… wait we’re doing zombies today, not vampires… my bad guys! Let’s try this again!

Hello eaters of brains and human entrails… little gruesome but we are about to get into the nitty-gritty of this collection.

If you guys want a relatively quickie review here’s a link for that:

To start off, I got this collection with the Pro Matte Eye Shadow collection and Electric Eye Primer back in September. Shipping time was actually not bad, I ordered everything on Friday, it got to my house a week later. For an indie company, that was like I ordered something at Sephora, and Superman delivered it to me 10 seconds later. Yeah, process that for a second lol.

Back to business: The collection came in a cute Zombie themed tin and paper wormy things holding my shadows to keep them safe. All the shadows also came with a safety seal on every single shadow. Every shadow had a little reassurance on it that no one has touched my gorgeous eye shadows where it counts. Yes that was a little dramatic, but it’s true. I really appreciate it when companies have something like that to make sure I know they are sanitary.As for the rest of the packaging, All the colors come in jars with sifters. There is 1.5 grams of product in each jar (These are 6 full-sized products) and they were kept safe with the worms in the tin.

Here are the colors:

Blood and Guts, Living Dead Dry, Wet, and over Electric Eye Primer
Blood and Guts, Living Dead
Dry, Wet, and over Electric Eye Primer

Blood and Guts: According to Concrete Minerals (rusty-red w/ bright aqua shift)

I do see the rusty-red, it’s almost a reddish-brown instead of the other way around. There is a tiny bit of aqua sparkle there that you can see in the jar, but when you apply it dry, no sparkle shows at all. Wet you do see it a bit but it doesn’t over power the shadow. If you are looking for a great neutral color that is different from what you would find in store, I would definitely recommend this one. When I say sparkle I don’t mean giant chunks of glitter either, it’s very subtle, but gives the color more uniqueness.

Living Dead: According to Concrete Minerals (moss-green w/ brilliant copper undertones)

It is most definitely a mossy green. It is also absolutely gorgeous. As for the copper undertones, yeah you can tell they had a bit of copper to make it a bit deeper. No it does not look like they took green eye shadow and mixed it with copper eye shadow. There’s also a tiny amount of sparkle in this one,  copper and green, but when you apply it dry you won’t be able to tell. Try a really sticky base if you want to attach more sparkle to it.

Nightmare and Quarantine Dry, Wet, and over Electric Eye Primer
Nightmare and Quarantine
Dry, Wet, and over Electric Eye Primer

Nightmare: According to Concrete Minerals (electric purple w/ pink sparkle)

It’s definitely an electric purple, but still different from the usual neon purples you see out on the market. This one is a tad darker and definitely more wearable than some rave worthy colors (Not hating just saying). They claim it has pink sparkle, but I’ve looked at it a few times, almost knocking all the product out of the jar, and only seen purple sparkle. I could stretch it and say it’s pinky purple but I don’t see it. Still though, this has to be one of my absolute favorite colors from this collection.

Quarantine: According to Concrete Minerals (medium pink w/ purple undertones)

It’s a beautiful medium pink, or pink gone goth if you saw my video. It does have a slight purple undertone (I think that’s what makes it medium pink) that gives it a bit of dreariness it needs to fit in with this collection. There is some pink sparkle to this shadow, but when it’s applied dry you don’t see it much. this one was not my favorite at all, but I still felt like the collection needed this color to complete it and give it the diversity it needed.

Graveyard and Vaccine Dry, Wet, and over Electric Eye Primer
Graveyard and Vaccine
Dry, Wet, and over Electric Eye Primer

Grave Yard: According to Concrete Minerals (deep taupe w/ pink shimmer)

This sounds like a WTF color, but it actually comes off really nice and neutral (For all my neutral junkies out there). It is an amazing brown, doesn’t look like a taupe in my opinion, that is not warm or cool. When I say neutral I mean it. Basically what I’m getting at is that this color will look great with any skin tone, so if you are looking for the perfect neutral color for a brown smokey eye, found it for you!

The Vaccine:  According to Concrete Minerals (steel blue-grey w/ bright green duo chrome)

Oh yes, I fell in love as soon as I saw this. This color is a greyish blue with some sparkle and… wait for it… a green DUO CHROME!! I absolutely love this color, the shift that happens when the light hits it is amazing, and extremely distracting (Yes it will give you add moments lol) I literally have nothing bad to say about this color and it might be that I am distracted by the duo chrome-y goodness.

Now how about some pricing:

That whole collection costs $36. For what you get, that is a pretty good price. And I might be slightly biased about that because I love the tin. Seriously though, for loose eye shadows this is not a bad price considering how versatile loose shadows are.

Other things you might want to know:

They are vegan, no animals were hurt in the making of these eye shadows! Made in the USA so if that’s a thing for you there you go :). They also claim to not have parabens or fillers, and they give you the ingredient list on the web page for you to check 😉

If you do not like pigments, you will not like these shadows. Yes pigments have their pros (mixing them in everything and getting pretty new colors), but they also have their cons. Pigments are messy, if you sneeze into them you will be showered in colorful yummy- ness that your clothes and furniture will never forgive you for. You can press them to eleviate the mess and not have to worry about them opening up during travel (there’s that pigment versatility again!)

Final thoughts:

This collection was definitely different. Zombies finally have a chance to be glamorous like vampires and werewolves and demons! Seriously though, these shadows will give your collection an edge you never knew was coming. These shadows are colorful and wearable, without being boring. They also apply very smoothly and feel very light, like there’s nothing there. On the other hand they are loose pigments, and will make a mess if they get out of the jar. Are they pigmented… yes… very lol. Would I purchase these shadows again? Yes I would. I feel like they are diversified enough to justify $36, and the tin is adorable and can hold a fair amount of stuff.

What do you guys think of this collection? Would you purchase it? Let me know down below!

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