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Darth Maul Body Paint Cosplay Tutorial (NoBlandMakeup)

Hey Guys,
So for my second to last body paint of the year, I’m tackling one mean mother fucker lol. Darth Maul actualy wasn’t always a sith (mind blown lol). He was born on Iridonia, and his mom gave him up to Darth Sidious. Since Darth Sidious was still on the down low, Maul was his secret apprentice, and was trained by Sidious and a split personality droid. His weapon of choice? A red blade lightsaber staff.

And for anyone who’s interested, this is what happens when you break the rules. Because Sidious was still in training himself when he decided to take on an apprentice, they broke the rule of two (Sound familiar to anyone?) Apparently sometimes rules are ment to be broken though because Sidious’s Master was okay with it (Again, sound familiar?). A slightly depressing side note, the only reason why Plagueis (Sidiou’s Master) was okay with this was that Maul was trained to be expendible. So much for honor amongst theives.

Insert Star Wars Episode 1 here lol.

What they don’t tell you is that he actually lived after being cut in half. Yep, Darth Maul is that much of a badass. He escaped to the junk fields of Lotho Minor, but had a slight case of amnesia, and by slight I mean major- like 12 years of not remembering much about himself. How did he walk around? You remember that baby head fused with connects that looked like a spider? Yeah that was basically what he did.

Insert The Clone Wars here lol.

So yeah that’s a very small synopsis like thing on Darth Maul, just to give you guys a little bit of background on the guy. So if you’d like to turn into him, watch the video down below 😀


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Products Used:
Wolfe Fx (050 Yellow, 001 White, 030 Red, 010 Black)
E.L.F. Cream Eyeliner (Black)
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (Milk Chocolate)
The Balm Balm Jovi Palette (Allegro)
Too Faced 15th Anniversary Palette (Behind the Counter)
Brushes Used:
Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush
E.L.F. Foundation Brush
Made Yew Look Eyeshadow Brush
Crown Brush Liner Brush
Coastal Scents Small Angled Brush
Coastal Scents Blending Brush

7 thoughts on “Darth Maul Body Paint Cosplay Tutorial (NoBlandMakeup)

  1. Wow, that is a great job with the paint! I have always thought Darth Maul was one of the scariest Star Wars characters. My son loved him when he was little and played Star Wars all the time!

  2. So what were you listening to? Eerie house/techno/ambient?
    Great work on this! You truly kicked things up a notch on this one.

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