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Darth Talon Body Paint Tutorial

So this one was a request that I’m so happy I got. Wow, was this one so much fun to do. Yeah it’s pretty basic in terms of coloring (lots of black and red), but the tattoos really make it come to life, and you can fudge them a little bit. Darth Talon is also one serious bad ass. She became a sith lady after being trained by Darth Ruyn, who she later killed on orders from Krayt. Right after that she became a full Sith.

Now, evil or not, Krayt noticed this chick is super loyal (a trait that is hard to find in evil villans these days), and made her one of his hands. She worked with Darth Nihl alot, sort of comes with the territory of being the other hand. But Talon was usually sent on missions of the utmost importance, like capturing Jedi fugitives, and training new siths… well until her apprentice decided this life wasn’t cutting it. Through all the bs of everyday life (you know, killing people, plotting, taking over things), she still remained loyal to Darth Krayt. She even helped return him back to health after a failed coup. When Krayt did finally fall, she and the other members of the One Sith kept on going, granted in a more low key kind of way.





Products Used:
Wolfe Fx (010 Black, 030 Red)
Concrete Minerals Pro Matte Shadow (Jet, Confession)
ELF Cream Eyeliner (Black)

Brushes Used:
BH Cosmetics Pop Art Flat Complexion Brush
BH Cosmetics Pop Art Complexion Blending Brush
BH Cosmetics Pop Art Foundation Brush
BH Cosmetics Berry Eyeshadow Brush
BH Cosmetics Berry Skinny Eyeliner Brush


Where did I get all this cool info? Right here of course 😀

Darth Talon

First Darth Talon Picture

Second Darth Talon Picture


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“Hitman” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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  1. I had no idea that Darth Talon even existed but I respect a badass female character and it is usually the ones that are evil that are the most complex and interesting. You did an amazing job as always x

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