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Disney Side Contest Tutorial Extravaganza (NoBlandMakeup)

Yep, I finally did it!
My last tutorial of the year is this ridiculous collage type thing for the Disney Side contest (that I’m pretty sure I lost since I didn’t hear anything back). Oh Geeze was this fun lol. Basically the contest was to show your “Disney Side”, the side of you that comes out when you visit a Disney park, your inner child- or in my case, making it look like Walt Disney’s brain threw up all over you lmao. I do have to say this was alot different than anything I’ve ever done before. I mean, I’ve never had to draw a dog on myself, or a full blown Disney princess lol.

I checked out some of the other entries, but I haven’t been to a Disney park since I was 15 or 16, so doing a clips video was super out of the question. And besides, when have you guys know me to do something normal? This is No BLAND Makeup for a reason lol. So Then I decided I wasnted to do a collage of moments in Disney movies that anyone can pick out, like the dalmation, or the rose. But alas, I couldn’t finish because it was 4am, and I had work at 8… that and I was getting really cross eyed, I figured that was a sign to stop lol. Maybe sometime Next year I’ll revisit this one and make it bigger and badder. But for now, I am extremely satisfied wih how this came out!

Products Used:
Wolfe FX Essentials Palette (001 White, 010 Black, 030 Red, 050 Yellow, 064 Sea Green, 006 Grey, 032 Pink, 019 Saddle Brown, 078 Lilac
FAB Makeup (Bright Blue)

Brushes Used:
Wolfe FX Flat Brush (Came With Essentials Palette)
Wolfe FX Fine Artist Brush (Came With Essentials Palette)
MadeYewLook Foundation Brush
Crown Brush Concealer Brush

15 thoughts on “Disney Side Contest Tutorial Extravaganza (NoBlandMakeup)

  1. This is so cool! That is one of my favorite cartoons and you really captured it creativity. I love the way you created the dalmatian. Great expression.

  2. You are so talented! I love how you are able to express your artistic side in such a creative way. Don’t think I would be able to do the face hahahaha!

  3. I could never make such an amazing make-up! I really love the dalmatian and your face half painted. You should definitely have won!

  4. I’m forever amazed by how talented you are! Not just for the design .. but also for doing all of the drawings essentially backward (on yourself). Bravo to you .. whether they got back to you or not!

  5. I love the neck and shoulder detail. I think what would be really cool if you recreate this look is to create the collage of disney images on your face or eyes x

  6. I have friends who are make up artists. I will share your blog with them. I am sure they can draw inspiration from you too. Your body painting designs are really amazing.

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