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Electro Body Paint Makeup Tutorial


It’s a little static in here, let’s liven things up a bit!

Yes, I started with an electrical pun; let the tar and feathering begin lol. But while we wait for some more feathers, I did a body paint tutorial inspired by the CGI version of Jamie Foxx’s Electro. I have the exact picture here =>, so check it out for some reference, but I think this one came out pretty cool considering I don’t have any cool 3D effects lying around lol. And thanks so much to for requesting this video :D! And yes I am working on Groot lol.

Goofing off as Electro from SpidermanI loved Jamie Foxx’s portrayal on Electro in Spiderman 2. It could not be any more different than the cartoon, and in a way, I am so happy about that, not because I didn’t like the original, but because Jamie Foxx’s Electro was more of a emotionally unstable version. How does that make it better? Because he didn’t really have alot of time learning the extent of his powers- he always had a pretty good amount of control. Emotionally though, he was always a bit out of it. Whether he was putting Spiderman on a pedestal, or having a tiny bit of homicidal rage towards Spiderman, Electro has some unresolved issues. That and he was a total doormat before he got his powers, and then abused the power he had when he was special. I guess super powers show us what a person is truly like…

Electro Body Paint TutorialAccording to Marvel though, Maxwell Dillon was basically set up for mental problems. His mom was overprotective, and his dad left them. Maxwell wanted to be an electrical engineer, but his mom basically squashed that idea by telling him that he was too dumb. So he got a job working at a low level for an electrical company. So one day, while working on a powerline, it also gets struck by lightning, and Electro is born! Let’s just say that where the glory of Electro ends. After a smear campaign from the Buggle saying Electro was really Spiderman in disguise, and Electro getting defeated by Spiderman in a one on one battle, Electro joins the Sinister Six to try to defeat him with numbers on Electro’s side. That doesn’t work out too well. And then after all that defeat, Electro gets caught up in the plot of Spiderman 2.

I’ll leave it up to you guys to watch the movie, or read up on it. No spoilers here! lol.


Products Used:
Fab Makeup and Body Paint (116 Alice, 043 Bright Blue
Wolfe FX (032 Pink, 001 White, 050 Yellow)

Brushes Used:
Made Yew Look Foundation Brush
Made Yew Look Small Eyeshadow Brush
Small Artist Brush

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