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Do Eyebrow Shapes Matter? Makeup Rulez: Episode 4

So following the same kind of idea of my original “Makeup Rulez” video, I wanted to talk to you about eyebrows and do eyebrow shapes matter in the long run. We all know that eyebrows are super important. Don’t believe me? Check out celebrities without eyebrows and tell me if brows aren’t important. They truly are the frame of the face. And what good is a beautiful picture without a complimentary frame?

Do eyebrow shapes matter?

do eyebrow shapes matterSo what am I squaking about in this video? All eyebrows do not need, or should, look the same. And I’m not talking about the eyebrows are sisters not twins thing either. As with anything in the fashion and beauty world, everything is a trend until it’s not. I’m looking at you 90’s eyebrows. Not all shapes fit all faces the same way that not all foundations fit all skintones.

So how do you find your prefect brow shape?


do eyebrow shapes matterStart off with your natural brow shape and try thickening it or thinking it to see which you like better. Please don’t go ham and tweeze them either. Try concealing them to see what they’d look like. Or use the magic of photoshop. Try lightly penciling them in, and then darkening them up another time. Play around with your brows because the only way to find your perfect brow is to try different looks.

Don’t let social media tell you that a faded brow, or a blocked brow, or a bushy brow is the perfect brow because let’s face it, for you it might not be.

Some extra tips for beginners

  1. Start with your natural brow shape. What better place to start than with what your mama gave you?
  2. Fill in your brows only where you need it. The point of filling in your brows is to make them look evenly hair-y across.
  3. If you’re going t get waxed with a new person, have them map it out. This way you can see exactly what’s going on with your brow situation. Almost like a sneak peek.
  4. Trends are guidelines, not set in stone rules. Remember just because things are cool now, doesn’t mean they will be later.

If you’re feeling brave, I also have a brow routine I recorded a while ago that I’ll link here.

So what is your favorite brow shape? Let me know in the comments down below!


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