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Justice League: Green Lantern Body Paint Tutorial

Hey guys! Today we’re bringing in a special guest and tackling a Green Lantern Body Paint tutorial, so let’s get straight to business. And just for the record, this was recorded back in October, which would explain why my hair is blue and green in this one.

Who is the Green Lantern?

Green Lantern is actually a few people. Just when you thought comic books couldn’t get more complicated lol. Now, I’m sure most of you think of that horrible abomination of a movie with Ryan Reynolds (Dude was totally meant to be Deadpool), but for this one I decided to go with John Stewart from the Justice League, but I was also inspired by the New 52 animation as well. Green Lantern is one of many Lanterns selected to protect their sector of the universe (One is 3600, by the way.) Hal Jordan was actually John Stewart’s predecessor. John Stewart only got the job because Hal took an extended leave- and considering how much trouble Earth gets into, having a replacement step in was probably a good idea. John Stewart is actually the 4th Green Lantern for Earth.

Green Lantern Body Paint Tutorial How did Green Lantern join the Justice League?

If you’re into cartoon adaptations of comic books, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Green Lantern (well the John Stewart version) more than a few times. So you may or may not know that he’s actually one of the founding members of the Justice League. “But how did they BECOME the Justice League,” you ask? Pretty easily actually. After the Imperium Invasion, Superman was like, “Hey, we should totally become a team and kick bad guy butt.” Everyone agreed and the Justice League was born. They did have one little hiccup though. John Stewart may have been framed for destroying an inhabited planet, you know, small things. The justice League did manage to get him off the hook though!

So there is alot more juicy stuff to read up on about this particular Green Lantern, but for now I’ll leave well enough alone, and give you guys some tips.

Tips for your Green Lantern Body Paint

  1. Have some reference pictures! Creative license is cool, but at least have a general idea of what the character is supposed to look like.
  2.  Do your lighter colors first, then your darker colors. It’s alot easier to go over white with black than vice versa.
  3. Don’t forget the importance of shading/highlighting. That one should be self explanatory if you watch the tutorial.
  4. Get a good playlist going, and get comfy because you’re going to be there for a while.
  5. Remember to turn on all your lights so editing out your background is easier… That last one was mostly for me…

So what do you guys think of this Green Lantern body paint tutorial? Would you want to be the next Green Lantern from Earth? Let me know in the comments down below and don’t forget to check out the video!

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Green Lantern Body Paint TutorialProducts Used:

Wolfe Hydrocolor (010)

Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ (Felou)

Nars Sculpting Multiple Duo (Hot Sand-Laguna)

Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ (Lime)

Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ (Amazon Green)

Wolfe Hydrocolor (050)

Wolfe Hydrocolor (001)

Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ (DK Green) 

Green Lantern Body Paint TutorialBrushes Used:

Paint Pal Arty Brush Large 3/4in Flat Brush

Paint Pal Swirl 5 Brush


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More info on Green Lantern?

John Stewart Wiki


Green Lantern Wikipedia

Another John Stewart Wiki!


Music Credits:

Act Three by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

49 thoughts on “Justice League: Green Lantern Body Paint Tutorial

  1. This is great thank you for this. It is my newphews birthday next month and they are having a superhero theme! The boys love the Green lantern so I can surprise them with some green paint and give this a go.

  2. I think my daughter would love this! She’s girly but loves make up, she’d probably like to try it out on her Cousin who loves Green lantern!!

  3. My nephew is gonna love this, but I am afraid to share the idea with him, because instead of him I might end up as a Green Lantern 🙂

  4. The Green Lantern! Seriously .. was there ever a better Superhero? I don’t know if I could go green .. but I’ll pass along your post to our neighbor. They have a bunch of crazy teenagers and I’m positive one of them would be game!

  5. I think you did an amazing job with this body paint! It was fun watching the tutorial as well. I’ve never read the comics but my daughters are very much familiar with him.

  6. My sons will have a blast seeing this tutorial. Just like any kid, they’re familiar with a lot of super heroes. I’m sure they’re going to enjoy this one, I just hope they don’t ask me to do it for them on Halloween because I don’t think I can pull this off.

  7. Everything i see on this site seems so brilliantly creative. I didn’t even know body painting to this art form was a thing until seeing this and im so happy that you flow with your art through your writing creating something amazing.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m happy you enjoy my site! I realy wanted to give my readers a creative outlet, and introduce them to new characters and looks. If I can make one person happy with it, I’ve done my job.

  8. Wow, when I saw the thumbnail I thought ot myself ‘how did she manage to get herself look like that’?! Then I played it and it all made sense, haha! Great job, honestly love it!

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