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Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Makeup and Special FX Tutorial (31 Days of Halloween)

I am Groot!

So as I was writing down the products I used for the video, I realized not once in this video did I actually say “I am Groot”… yeah…

Groot Collage from NoBlandMakeup on InstagramAnyway! This video was actually requested by a couple people (Cameron Byers, CamCampbell23dynasty). Thanks so much for the requests, and sorry it took a while to do. I did try this one other time, but it was a super epic fail lol. To be honest, Groot is one of my favorites from the Guardians. He took first place at the end of the movie when he danced lol.

So who is Groot? He’s an awesome tree being that is pretty much immortal if he has somebody to plant him somewhere. He’s also the muscle in the Rocket/ Groot duo. And at some points the heart. He may be huge, but he’s also got a moral compass of gold when it comes to what is right and wrong in the situation.

But I’m really getting ahead of myself here. Groot came from Planet X “the capital of the branch worlds” (thanks Marvel Wiki). Groot came from a special line of awesomeness- he was gifted in “quasi- dementional super- positional engineering” (have no idea what that means… Atleast you guys can never say I’m not honest ;D). Ironically enough, Groot didn’t get along with other saplings, he got along with the “Maintenance Mammals” that everyone else shunned (They do jobs no one else wants to, and the people who enjoy the fruits of their labor treat the former like crap… good to know this is a universal theme in like… everything… literature, comics, the freaking world… way to go humanity). Groot was exiled for killing a duchebag sapling who was brutalising a maintenance mammal.

Eventually Groot made his was to Kree space, and was jailed. Go figure. Good guys who do bad things never get a break do they? But wait! That’s where he meets Rocket, and they become best of friends… sort of lol. And from there you guys can basicaly watch Guardians of the Galaxy or read the comics! So who is your favorite Guardian?



Products Used:
Mehron Spirit Gum
Ben Nye Banana Powder
Kryolan Liquid Latex (Clear)
Wolfe FX (010 Black, 019 Saddle Brown, 001 White)
FAB Makeup (Grass Green, Chocolate)
The Balm Balm Voyage Palette (B3)

Brushes Used:
MadeYewLook Eyebrow Comb
Coastal Scents Angled Brush
Makeup Wedges
Eyebrow Scissors
Crown Brush Concealer Brush
Fine Artist Brush
Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Brush


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