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Guardians of the Galaxy: Nebula Body Paint Tutorial (No Bland Makeup)



We come in peace!

Okay so maybe this chick doesn’t know the definition of peace but it was worth a try. Nebula is… interesting. Not only is she a feared pirate, a ruthless one at that, she believes that Thanos is her grandfather. This issue with that? He thinks she’s nuts and ignores her claims. Let’s just say hell hath no fury like a woman with grand daddy issues.

So what made her a badass in the first place? Well to be a true supervillan you need to want to destroy something on a massive scale, usually a planet, galaxy, etc. This chick tried to destory a planet. She did succeed, although all the inhabitants were already evacuated. So after excaping capture, what does a badass who technically succeeded in their plan do? Go find your granddad and try to help him out with whatever he’s doing.Goofing off as Nebula

The only problem with this is that he denies being related to her- by the way, while this is happening, Thanos (granddaddy) has just finished assembling the Infinity Gauntlet, which would give him ultimate power over time and space. Not something you’d want a nutjob to have, much less one that is almost impossible to kill in the first place. Thanos makes her a “living sculpture”, basically a gift to his obsession death, and ignores her for the most part.

For any guys out there, ignoring a girl who desperately wants your attention and just so happens to be a badass pirate is not a good idea. So what does she do? Takes it for herself. Really did you see this going any other way? A pissed off female sees you have a prized possesion, and Nebula by NoBlandMakeupdoesn’t do something to it? Yeah right. As if all that wasn’t enough fuel for her, Thanos considers Gamora his daughter, and all he did was destroy her planet, she’s not blood related at all. Let’s just say Gamora and Nebula are not the best of friends.

I hope you guys enjoy this video! I definitely had fun creating the look, and the back story is freaking amazing for her ;).



nebula guardians tutorialProducts Used:
Wolfe FX Essentials Palette (070 Blue, 006 Grey 001 White, 064 Sea Green, 006 Grey, 010 Black, 030 Red
Sleek Acid Palette (Black)

Brushes Used:
Made Yew Look Foundation Brush
Made Yew Look Large Eyeshadow Brush
Wolfe FX Fine Brush

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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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