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Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon Makeup Tutorial

Good day Warriors of the Galaxy,

rocket raccoon face paint cosplayYep I went there, there are no limits here lol. Today I did Rocket Raccoon from the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Yes I realize the trailer hasn’t even come out yet, and the movie isn’t set until August, but hey, I got a tad excited and super inspired. Why a raccoon you ask? Honestly I have no idea why I did this one first other than I had an idea and needed to do it. Gotta love when that inspiration hits at the most random times lol. So enough rambling, here’s a bit about our featured Guardian.

Amazingly enough the idea for Rocket Raccoon came to the creators in the form of a Beatles song “Rocky Raccoon” (Told ya, inspiration is crazy). Mr. Raccoon was known as a guardian of the Keyston Quadrant, that just so happens to be sealed off by the Galacian Wall. Rocket is encouraged to join the Guardians by his friend Star Lord. Stuff happens (drama between heros? Never!) and the team almost disbands but Rocket keeps it alive by not letting go, and bringing in Groot (Gotta love big tree guys with amazing powers who also happen to be voiced by Vin Diesel ;D). And thus, the Guardians of the Galaxy live on in our hearts!

rocket raccoon3Yes that was possibly a hugely failed attempt to describe an entire characters life and how they make sense in the grand sceme of things, but I feel it was a nice attempt. Honestly I’ve never heard of Rocket Raccoon until I heard the movie was coming out, and started reading up about it. It does seem like a cool mini-verse in the huge Marvel universe though :).

Fun Fact: Although Rocket Raccoon is a super skilled militant, he has a “slight” case of OCD. Even Raccoons struggle with it, maybe that’s why they wash their hands after they eat ;). Alright so I’ve been rambling long enough, Here’s the video you came to watch lol:



Rocket Raccoon Face Paint on InstagramProducts Used

Nyx Jumbo Pencil (Milk, Black Bean)
Graftobian Clow White Cream
Urban Decay Glide on 24/7 Liner (Perversion)
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Concrete Minerals Zombie Girl Collection (Grave Yard)
Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette (Rewind)
Nyx Roundlipstick in Fig

Brushes Used

Made Yew Look Foundation Brush
Made Yew Look Angled Liner Brush
Made Yew Look Large Shadow Brush
Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush
Made Yew Look Detail Brush
Coastal Scents Concealer Brush

**Click each picture to see where it came from**

Pictures for Thumbnail

Background Image

Rocket Picture

“Mars and Stars” Dano (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

15 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon Makeup Tutorial

    1. Thanks so much! This was one of my first in-depth body paints too ironically enough. I hope to have all the characters from the movie some done at some point, but I’m definitely happy with the ones I’ve done so far. If you ever want to request a body paint, feel free! I love a challenge.

  1. Wow…I really enjoyed reading this post and watching the video. You really are very talented. I think the process you went through was so interesting and the result looked fabulous.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. This was actually one of my first body paint videos. I’d like to believe I’ve gotten better, but this is still one of my favorites.

  2. I love enjoyed reading this post and watching the video. This will really help out during the Halloween and also some special theme parties.

  3. Woah! You are very talented! You did very well with all the details especially the mouth area. I keep looking at it to see if your tongue was really out 😂 I really admire make up artists like you! Great job!

  4. You are really talented! That make up looks very realistic. How would you get it off though? Would the regular make up removing wipes suffice or would one need something else?

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