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Hulk Body Paint Tutorial

So this Hulk body paint tutorial has an interesting begining… My first attempt at the Hulk looked more like a pop art zombie than a comic book character lol. Luckily for you guys… well me really, I’m stubborn as hell and I can’t let things go. It also goes to show that “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again” is actually pretty accurate, even for art. So before I give you some tips for this Hulk body paint tutorial, here’s a little about the “other guy”.

Who is the Hulk?

The hulk is proof that you can have brains and brawn… and a slight bit of split personality disorder. The Hulk is the alter ego of Dr. Bruce Banner. Bruce actually had a pretty sad childhood, which kind of explains why he became the Hulk. Growing up his mother loved him dearly, but his father hated him. His father was also an alcoholic. Brian Banner was an atomic physicist, “who worked on producing clean nuclear power as an energy source”, but he thought his son being very smart at a young age was because of mutated genes from his work. Once the abuse started, Bruce’s mother stepped in, which resulted in Brian Banner murdering her. Losing the one person who loves you unconditionally, mixed with the tremendous amount of bullying he received at school, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that he might have acquired a split personality disorder.

Speaking about the bullying, one day, Bruce was tired of it all, and made and planted a bomb in the school basement. Luckily for the school, the bomb didn’t detonate, but Bruce was expelled and the military started noticing the future Dr. Banner.

That doesn’t explain the whole green thing…

Yeah, I know. I’m getting to that. Now if you’ve seen the Edward Norton Hulk, you already know what happened, but if not, here you go. Bruce was overseeing the trial of a new gamma bomb for the US Defense Department (of course the government have something to do with this). A teenager wandered into the testing area. Can we just pause here for a second. How the hell does a teenager just walk into a secret government facility without ANYONE noticing… moving on… Bruce rushed in, and shoved the kid into a ditch, taking the full blast of the bomb. Surprisingly he survived, but this is where the hulking (hehe) green guy comes in. At first, the Bruce/Hulk situation was a night and day situation. The hulk would only appear at night, and then Bruce would appear during the day. Then, the Hulk would appear whenever Bruce had an adrenaline rush, the Hulk would show up. But the Hulk still had some of Bruce’s memories, and got easily pissed off. It’s that last situation that tends to get the Hulk in trouble.

So now that you have a little bit of a backstory on Mr. Hulk, let’s get onto some tips.

Tips and Tricks for a Hulk Body Paint Tutorial

  1. You might have to change your face a little bit. Since his nose is small and way up on his face, you might need to move it up a bit.
  2. Have tons of green body paint… seriously.
  3. Have an inspiration picture. For any character that already exists, make sure you have a reference picture. Don’t piss of the nerds, trust me…
  4. Take your time. This one did take a bit, and a couple tries, but once the base shapes were there, the Hulk Body Paint is so much easier to do.

Would you try out this Hulk Body Paint? Who is your favorite Marvel character? Let me know in the comments below!


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8 thoughts on “Hulk Body Paint Tutorial

  1. Shudder lets not talk about Edward Norton’s hulk that was something else haha. Now on a more positive note your artistry never ceases to amaze me and my favourite Marvel character has to be Iron Man! x

  2. Great tutorial! (All your body paint tutorials are great). I’ve always wanted to try body paint since I like drawing/painting in general but I’m just so scared that it’ll end up a disaster and it would take forever to wash off haha

  3. It was such a great tutorial; the video was very well-explained and easy to understand. I haven’t done face/body painting before but this looks so good to try for some special occasion that demands it. 😀

  4. You have a great hobby and talent . This is a perfect tutorial, so much details and great video .

    By the way I watch hulk muvie , it’s one of my favorite.

    Thanks for sharing

  5. This kind of face painting looks so cool for boys going for theme parties. My boys also like hulk movie. I will show them as they would find it fascinated by hulk characters.

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