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Marvel’s Avengers: Iron Man Body Paint Tutorial

Finally!!! I have won the war of wills against my editing software, and I AM IRON MAN!!!

*cough* *cough*

I may have had a few editing problems along the way doing this one… just a couple… hundred… MOVING ON!!

IronmanbeforeandafterI am so proud of how this tutorial came out! It looked alot better than I thought it was going to, if I’m being completely honest with you guys. Granted, I was out of frame for a bit (I am working on not doing that anymore) and for that I’m really sorry! But I do hope you guys like this, and let me know what else you want to see!

So… You probably want to know a little bit more about Iron Man, don’t you? Well, if not, you might want to skip down a bit.

Tony Stark is actually a freaking genius. He was 15 when he entered the Electrical Engineering program at MIT, and had two Master’s degrees by the time he was 19. But like any 19 year old who has money to burn, he wanted to live recklessly and screw anything with a pretty face that had a pulse… a little harsh, yes, but let’s be real here. He had a huge corperation given to him, he had the brains to run it, but decided “nah, I’d rather have fun.” I would too. But of course, you can’t leave a huge business alone- someone needs to run it. That’s where Pepper Pots comes in. Talk about a raise, huh?

Inspiration for this one
Inspiration for this one

I’m sure you guys have seen the first Iron Man movie, so you know how he went to an international base to test out weapons, got shrapnel in his chest, met the kind doctor, and when they combined their powers of being freaking geniuses, the creates a finished Iron Man suit, and a way to keep Tony alive, while also getting Dr. Yinsen killed by being the distraction. I have to say, Dr. Yinsen is a boss. I wouldn’t have been able to even think about sacrificing myself with out completely ruining my pants, and he just went in there and got the job done.

Well, between that, always having to charge his chest plate, and lits of depressed drinking, Tony Stark officially had a problem. He didn’t tell anyone about his secret identity as Iron Man, and secrets like that weigh heavily on a person. Eventually he told his then fiancee about his secret, and she told him to do what he needed to do. Needless to say, their relationship ended since he wouldn’t exactly be a family man. Secret identities and possible crazy super villains coming after you isn’t exactly conducive to raising a normal child.

What the movies didn’t tell you, which I think is pretty awesome is that Tony Stark was one of the founding members (and a huge sponsor) of the Avengers. The original members were Thor, Ant-Man, the Wasp, and the Hulk. Tony Stark also helped establish SHIELD, not the other way around like the movies make it seem. Avengers came before SHIELD.

So there you go. A snapshot of Iron Man… ok so it’s like a pixel in Iron Man’s history, but hey lol. If you guys want to check out more info on Iron Man, albeit without my snarky commentary, check out the Iron Man entry from!



Products Used:
Purple Glue Stick
Wolfe Fx (050, 010, 040, 001, 030)

Brushes Used:
MadeYewLook Foundation Brush
Princess Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush
BH COsmetics Eyeliner Brush
Crown Brush Eyeliner Brush
Face Painting Sponge

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  1. This great! I love the Avengers franchise and Iron Man is pretty Epic. My husband has a nice costume but we recently lost the helmet portion. Now we have this tutorial! Thanks 🙂

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