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Makeup Rulez Episode 1: Is Makeup Art?

Is Makeup Art

So the first video I wanted to put out is more of a discussion- Is Makeup art? There’s many of differing views on that one, depending on if you’re a pro or an enthusiast. Personally I don’t think it’s a simple yes or no answer. Makeup is art, yes, because you have to be creative to a point, but you also have to have a critical eye to be good at it.

So Is Makeup Art?

My only real issue with the is makeup art argument is that many people who say yes it is, don’t realize that art is subject to criticism and opinions. Not all art is happy go lucky and makeup is included in that. Have you guys ever seen editorial makeup? Not all of it is beautiful in the traditional way, but it makes you feel. The thing with social media is that that individuality, that emotion you get from an amazing piece of art is basically nonexistant.

What Does that Mean?

Like I said in the video, if you go through the instagram feed so much of it is the same: strong brow, cut crease, application techniques. I guess I just want more for the beauty community. I want us to be able to embrace what makes us different, and create something new. That’s why I wanted to have this challenge at the end of the video.

I want you guys to pick one thing you love about your face and make that the focus of your makeup. Tag me on instagram @noblandmakeup and I’ll share your image in my next video.

Also while you guys are here, what got you into makeup. I’ll also share those answers in the next video!



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29 thoughts on “Makeup Rulez Episode 1: Is Makeup Art?

  1. Do you follow Drag Queens? There are some drag queens like Kim Chi Chic and Sasha Velour whose make up looks are literally the personification of living art. I agree that makeup through Instagram very much looks the same!

    1. That’s the thing though: you have people transforming themselves and it is art, but it isn’t JUST art. They have to take face shapes, and types into account. How long they’re going to be wearing the makeup, the amount of time and dedication they put into perfecting what they do. And it’s amazing. But mediocrity and copying isn’t really art.

    1. Lol Some days I feel the exact same. It’s about technique, and if it’s online, there’s a good chance there’s filters involved.Just keep practicing, and try switching up the brushes you use, techniques, sometimes even switching out a product can help.

  2. I am somewhat slightly scared of makeup, it does not rule my life, But now that I am getting older, I find myself reaching for it! Is it art, I would certainly say so.

    1. I wouldn’t be scared of makeup. My biggest tip for people just getting into makeup is: start with one thing, get really good at it, then add another step. That makes things so much easier.

    1. It’s amazing the things people can do with makeup, but you still have to take into account technique, symmetry, skin type, and so many other things. That’s kind of why no makeup is one size fits all.

  3. Coming from someone who is makeup challenged .. I’m convinced it’s an art! The things some women are able to do with brushes and a little bit of color is amazing to me

  4. I think Make-up is all about your personal preferences and what you like. But it shouldn’t be used as a cover-up or to hide your face. it should only ever be to enhance your looks.

    1. I definitely agree. I’ve seen people do some crazy transformations with make-up, but at the end of the day it should enhance you not become you. Hopefully that makes sense.

  5. Yes , make up is art ! even better is wearable art , is freedom of expression art also one of the oldest form of art there is ! You can like it or not , wear it or not , but is there and it does make a difference

    1. It definitely is a staple in the history of the world. From body painting to cosmetic use, some of Makeup is always there to make us look and feel better even if we choose not to use it.

  6. I love makeup and definitely think it is an art. Lots of people can pick up the techniques but only true artists can create interesting looks.

  7. I think makeup can be art but a lot of people don’t use it as such. I like people creating looks rather than just copying ones

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