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Makeup Rulez Episode 2: Should You Bake

Today we’ll be going  over how to bake and whether or not you actually should.

Should you bake or not depends on a few things:
1. What type of skin you have
2. How much make-up you are applying
3. What kind of look you are going for.

Makeup Rulez Should you bake

Now, if you have very dry skin (especially under the eyes) or more mature skin, baking might now be for you.  The reason for this is because powders tend to suck up moisture. If you’re already starting off dry, that’s a disaster waiting to happen. As we mature our skin tends to dry out, so- I’m sorry ladies- but mature skin is also not going to be a great candidate for baking. If you want to go for it anyway, moisturize like your life depends on it.

Well let’s say you do have dry skin, or you’re oily, and you want to bake anyway. If you’re going for a heavier look, baking might work out for you.

When did baking start?

Let’s take a step back to the days when theater was basically television.  The actors used very heavy make-up, pancake make-up  (where did you think the saying “cake face” came from?). Well, using less wasn’t an option because they needed to be seen from the cheap seats. So they would apply heavy layers of Makeup, but if they didn’t powder enough, the make-up would slip and slide around. Well combine lots of thick make-up, thick powders, and hot spot lights, and you’ll think you were being cooked in an oven. Insert social media recycling “trends” and there you go! We also can’t forget the drag community who brought it to the mainstream!

So if you’re wearing a heavy layer (nothing wrong with that, just sayin’), then just normal setting might not work. You might notice you crease. Well one way to get around baking if it’s not your cup of tea, is to use color corrector, and thin layers of concealer.  That way you get the coverage, but don’t have to go so heavy of the application.

If you’re going for a natural look, baking might not be for you. Baking tends to be used more with dramatic looks (hence the heavier make-up application it’s used with.) Some people like to use a little more powder than normal and set it like that for a more natural look (mini bake if you will), but the only downside to that is that it gets rid of the skins natural texture, making you look a little more made up. Basically if you’re going for a no make-up make-up look, I would slip the bake.

So what is it good for then?

Some people like to use it for an extra boost for their Kim Kardashian-esque highlight. Others can’t find any other way to make sure their concealer sets properly. But please keep in mind, just like anything else with make-up, nothing is one size fits all. Keep in mind your skin tone, skin type, and what look you’re trying to achieve.

By the way, if I sound a little weird its because my flight is landing.  I’m probably going to have to edit this later, but just letting you guys know! But if you guys do want to check out the other episodes of Makeup Rulez, click here!

So would try this now that you know how to bake? Should you bake? Did you imagine me whipping out cupcakes every time I said bake? Let me know in the comments below! And if you want a mini tutorial on how to bake, check out the video right below!

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29 thoughts on “Makeup Rulez Episode 2: Should You Bake

  1. It is so true that there is no rule that can be applied to all here. We all have different types of skin, different ages and different goals with regard to how we want to look. Good information here. Appreciate the tips and photos.

  2. Wow , I didn’t know where the term “Baking” for make up came from. I have baked cosmetics namely eye shadows and I thought it was the way they were made…the eyes shadows were baked and thus had a stronger pigmentation. Great information here!

  3. i learned something new here that i never knew. Probably i don’t have much about about make up techniques. I’ll pass on this info to my friends..great!

  4. I bake when going for a heavy look to ensure its set for the night and won’t budge! I don’t tend to do it everyday though

  5. Drag Queens definitely highlighted baking and brought it to mainstream culture. You look so cute in your video and I have to confess I have never tried baking before!

  6. I am not using a lot of make up in my day to day life and this is the first time I am hearing about baking in a different context than actual baking in the kitchen. It’s not for me though. 🙂

  7. I am not into make up really and this is so informative. Yes, I was confused at first when I read “bake” and it’s about make up. haha!

  8. I learned something new today. Baking being referenced to make up. I don’t wear make up often, and if I do, it is just lipstick and a little powder. I think baking would be for those in the performing arts, not for ordinary people like me.

  9. I was thinking of baking cakes when I read the title until I read further. I didn’t know what the term ‘bake’ means in makeup. Now that I understand it think bake is fit more for evening makeup, but everybody has their own way to apply the makeup.

  10. I’m sorry, did you just educate us here? Yes, you did!
    I love it, you are doing history on things!

    Srsly, so many old phrases/comments that never made sense before (re:makeup and hot lights) now make sense!

  11. I’ve heard about this baking thing before, via an article on Buzzfeed… Not sure whether I could go for it myself though – I’m not really a make-up guru lol x

  12. I definitely always picture cupcakes when I hear baking 🙂 I typically don’t bake unless it’s a special event or something I want to look extra special for! Thanks for sharing!

  13. The way you describe and show an effective understanding of something your clearly passionate about is quite something. Your effective almost tutorial like approach is clear and detailed information that should effectively help someone understand more about baking, beyond the cupcake sense of the word.

  14. This sounds really effective. I don’t really wear make-up often and normally when I do, I just put on eyeliner and a lipstick. I think baking can really help improve your look.

  15. I’ve never tried baking before. I’ve seen beauty bloggers do it all the time though. I think it’s effective and I’ll definitely try it the next time I put on make-up.

  16. I have never heard of baking before. I wear make up but I like the natural no make up look so since you suggested to slip the bake, I might not need to try this. Good information for those that are really into make up.

  17. I did actually think you were talking about baking lol! God im old lol! But i love this new phrase on applying makeup heavily, totally is not my thing, but I do love the look of it.

  18. Trust me, I didn’t know that the term ‘baking’ is also used in makeup! I try to use minimum cosmetics on my skin because it is too sensitive!

  19. I’ve never heard of baking before. Very informative article. I think people can really decide if this would work for them or not based on this article. Also, thanks for sharing where the name came from.

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