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Marvel: Captain America Body Paint Tutorial

He’s the first Avenger, and ironically not the first avenger that I body paint(Iron Man took that one), but I felt like it as time to finally do a Captain America body paint.

Captain america body paint InstagramWho is Captain America?

He’s actually a scrawny fine arts nerd… gotta start somewhere right? Well, living in the era of the Great Depression, he was appalled by what the Nazi’s were doing and decided to enlist. That didn’t turn out the way he thought it would. He actually tried a few times to get enlisted, but kept getting denied because he couldn’t pass the physical part.

Insert Mad scientist here!

A little Super Soldier Serum  (how do you like that alliteration ;)) later, and one massive growth spurt, and we bring you Captain America!! The movies actually stayed somewhat close to Captain America’s story, granted he and Bucky didn’t meet until after Steve was Captain America, and Bucky was Cap’s side kick. They also ignored a whole bunch of other characters like android Human Torch, Toro, and Namor. Before the Avengers there was the Invaders, but that’s a story for another day.

Brain Freeze

Bucky actually wasn’t kidnapped until after Captain America plummeted into the Atlantic. He was there helping Captain America defuse the bomb on the drone, but that didn’t exactly go to plan lol. Bucky got blown off, but survived; and because of the Super Soldier Serum, Cap lived, but was frozen. Win some, ya lose some I guess.

Captain America body paint Instagram 3What do I think?

Now that’s a little background on Captain America, but how do I feel about him? He’s never been my favorite super hero. Neither is Superman. My beef with them is that they’re shown in a light where they’re so perfect, they don’t have flaws, and if they do, it’s a minor thing. I like my super heroes to be a little flawed, to have struggles that have nothing to do with fighting an enemy. What can I say? I like the emo heroes lol. So why do a Captain America Body Paint then? Because I want to get all the Avengers, and even though he’s not my favorite, he does have a pretty cool story 😉

How do you feel about Captain America? Would you try out this Captain America Body paint? Who’s you favorite Hero?

Let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to watch the video below!



Products Used:
Washable Glue Stick
Wolfe Fx (001, 010
Captain America body paint instagram 2FAB Makeup (Alice Blue, Bright Blue
Loreal True Match (w3
Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer (Medium/ Deep)
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (10)
Concrete Minerals Pro Matte Shadow (Confession)

Brushes Used:
Fine Detail Brush
BH Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush
BH Cosmetics Blush Brush
Crown Brush Foundation Brush
BH Cosmetics Pop Art Foundation Brush
Sonia Keshuk Concealer Brush



Background on Captain America

Background for Thumbnail

Captain America in Thumbnail

First Picture of Captain America

Second Picture of Captain America

72 thoughts on “Marvel: Captain America Body Paint Tutorial

  1. Wow! You are so talented!! I never knew your blog existed but I’m loving it. You might want to check out brothers bear podcast – they might want to feature you. 🙂

  2. This is awesome! It’s so refreshing to see a make-up blog that does more than give you every day make up tips. The background on the character and the inclusion of your personal opinion is a nice touch.

    1. Thanks so much :D. That’s actually the reason I started this blog: to give background info on the tutorials I’ve done incase someone wasn’t sure who the character was or wanted more info.

  3. This is something different and awesome! I’ve never try to paint my body but seriously one day I’ll do.
    I’ve never thought of such a make-up blog. Greatly written… and presented

  4. My son is a huge Captain Marvel fan! I’m definitely going to forward your post along to him. Every year he and his wife are the best dressed for Halloween. I wouldn’t put Captain Marvel past either of them. Fun!

  5. Took me a moment to realise that your eyes were closed and painted on! Well done, you’re really talented!

  6. He is not one of my favorites either. I think you did a good job though. You definitely captured how he should look like.

  7. I would say that I’m not Cap’s biggest fan. I agree with you about Captain America and Superman. I lean towards heroes like Batman, Daredevil, Iron Man, heroes that didn’t acquire powers that are unstoppable. I want my heroes to still be human beings.

  8. Wow. So much talent in this! You would think that it is wall art if the person is standing beside a wall or something. This is so cool. I will let a friend know about this because he is always wanting to be a stand-out during Halloween parties.

  9. Awesome paint job! I just wish you could tell me where to get the Super Soldier Serum along with the face paints!

    Thank for the great work….

  10. Egads! (Did I invent that word?) The line/edge work is only awesome. The shadows put you into a whole new dimension of coolness.

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