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Masters of the Universe Skeletor: Overlord of Evil Body Paint tutorial

Because I seem to be on an old cartoon kick, we’re going to tackle everyone’s favorite He-Man villian, Skeletor! Now, if you’re not a fan of old cartoons, in my typical fashion, I’m going to tell you a little about him before we dive into this Skeletor Body Paint tutorial.

So who is Skeletor?

Skeletor is actually a pretty simple guy. He just wants to conquer Castle Greyskull (sounds homey), learn it’s secrets, and take over Eternia. Sounds simple enough. The only problem is his henchmen are kind of… dumb. It’s so hard to find good help these days. Random fun fact, Mattel- the same company who owns Barbie- created this universe. Yep, I was surprised too. The makers of every girl’s favorite toy growing up, also created a character who’s favorite title is “Lord of Destruction” and “Overlord of Evil”. I find that way too hilarious.

Now just like Space Ghost, well as far as actually having a story goes, Masters of the Universe started off as comics… well mini comics, but still. They actually changed alot about the characters in comparison to the cartoon. Originally Skeletor fell into Eternia from a hole in a dimentional wall. The reason he wanted Castle Greyskull was to open the hole again and let his people take over Eternia.

Skeletor Body Paint Tips and Tricks

Since Skeletor decided to crash my voice over, I’ll have some actual tips for a Skeletor Body Paint cosplay down here.

  1. If you’re applying a bald cap, don’t use so much latex in one spot that it drips and messes up your seemless look… learn from my mistakes.
  2. Depending on how three dimensional you want this to look, you will have to add shadows. Obviously I wanted to keep it very 2d, like the show.
  3. Patience is key, take your time to fill in the big areas as opaquely as possible.
  4. Inspiration pictures are not cheating. When you’re creating an existing character, it’s best to get it right and not upset the nerds. (I have a few fandoms I’m protective of.
  5. Keep anatomy in mind. Yes Skeletor is a fictional character, but he is modeled after a human.
  6. Start off small and add. I suck at skulls. I do. So for this one, I started with a smaller area that I was going to black out, and the added more to it as needed. This tip works when doing eyeshadow looks as well.
  7. And last but not least, have fun with it! I know Skeletor definintely did.

So who is your favorite Masters of the Universe Character? Would you do a Skeletor body paint for your next convention or Halloween? Let me know down below! And check out the tutorial with a special guest in the voice over.



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Grapftobian Pro Paint Wild Violet

Wolfe Fx 010

Mehron Paradise Paint Lagoon Blue

Mehron Paradise Paint Sky

Brushes Used:

Hand Made Modern – Watercolor Brushes, 9ct

Paint Pal

Camera used: Sony Handy Cam

Video Editor used: Cyberlink Powerdirector 15

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