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Merida Brave Makeup Tutorial


Hey Mukkers!

Today we’re heading off to Scotland to visit Merida. Brave is a story about the very fine line that is the mother daughter relationship. It’s basically trying to show the mother daughter dynamic daughters want to do what they love, but mothers want to do whats best for their daughters. Usually these two ideals are polar opposites… well 90% of the time they are. To me, this is a fantastic story because I do not have a great relationship with my mom because of this exact same reason she believes she knows what’s best, and I believe that I know what’s best.

While both sides want what’s best, it’s the communication that’s usually the problem. That and the whole “I’m older so I know better” vs. “It’s my life” argument. The thing that the younger ones don’t realize is that the older generation is trying to stop us from making the same mistakes they did. On the flip side, the older generation doesn’t realize that the younger generation will make mistakes, it’s part of life.

Earlier I mentioned that my mom and I don’t get along very well. For a while, that was the biggest understatement of the universe. She kicked my out of the house when I was seventeen because I went further in my relationship sexually than she was comfortable with. Let’s just say she wasn’t too happy about that. She also isn’t happy about my decision to further my career in makeup artistry. Her vision for my life was being a lawyer or doctor, but for me, those are great careers, but not for me. Makeup is my passion, and, as I tell anyone who doubts me, one day I will have an Oscar for Best Makeup.

One thing we should all take from this movie is that sometimes communication isn’t the only problem. Sometimes trying to understand things from the others point of view is what we need. If both my mom and I could have tried to do this, we could have avoided so many years of not getting along at all, not being able to speak to each other without arguing. And to be completely honest, arguing all the time and being angry, its way too much work and effort. It’s so much easier to be happy, and enjoy your family.



Products Used:
Benefit Porefessional
Lorac Breakthrough Foundation SMS 5
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (Sand Sable, Cafe)
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate
Elizabeth Mott Smooth Eyeshadow Creamy Eye Pencil (Pearl)
Nyx Round Lipstick (Blush)
Maybelline Lash Blast Volumizing Mascara
Sleek Blush By 3 (Sugar)

Brushes Used:
Real Techniques Buffing Brush
GlamBag Blending Brush
Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Brush
Made Yew Look Angled Brush


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