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Neon Rainbow Makeup Tutorial

Hello World,

As you can see I had a bit of fun with some extremely bright colors. Yeah, it’s not the most wearable look ever… I’d stil wear it out; in fact, I already have ;). Bright makeup like this is perfect for dance festivals, clubs, or just being crazy on your own.

So why is everyone obsessed with electronic music now? Honestly I have no idea, but I do know why I like it. I could go on a rant about how it’s a new way to express yourself and it’s so cool, but the same could be said about any other type of music. I could also tell you that it’s the record companies’ fault because they control the radio. That’s also true, but for me that’s not why I like it. I like it because I like to dance. Yes it’s simple as that. Other genres, like salsa and hip hop, you can definitely dance to- but with house, there’s no right way to dance. You just move the way you feel and let the beat take over. House is almost like a pulse for the scene.

And now that I sound like I’m on an acid trip, here’s the video ;):


Products Used:
Benefit Porefessional
Lorac Breakthrough Foundation SMS 5
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (Sand Sable)
The Balm Bahama Mama
Colour Carmel Eye Pencil (Taupe)
Urban Decay Primer Potion
NYX Jumbo Pencil (Milk)
Sleek Acid Palette (Green, Yellow, Orange, Dark Green, Pink, White)
E.L.F. Cream Eyeliner
L’Oreal Double ExtendBeauty Tubes Mascara
E.L.F. Lipstain (Heartbreaker)

Brushes Used:
Real Techniques Buffing Brush
Crown Brush Angled Brush
E.L.F. Shadow “C” Brush
Coastal Scents Large Eyeshadow Brush
Coastal Scents Angled Liner Brush


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