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Space Ghost Body Paint Tutorial

Space Ghost Body Paint Tutorial

So I’m sure some of you are wondering why I’m doing a Space Ghost body paint. Why not? But seriously, I went to the Space Coast with my boo thang a few weeks ago and it reminded me of the mini show “Space Ghost Coast to Coast”. That and my boyfriend kept singing the beginning part of the original Space Ghost theme song. I’m a weird cookie. Sue me. So before I give you guys some tips and tricks for this Space Ghost body paint, here’s a little about him.

Space Ghost Body Paint tutorialWho is Space Ghost?

Before he made his talk show debut, Space Ghost was actually a superhero. He’s credited for making superhero cartoons popular in the 60’s. I watched alot of Boomerang as a kid lol. But just think for a minute. There’s a chance that Saturday morning cartoons could’ve not had superheros! Oh the humanity! I just died a little thinking about that. His show did run for a while, but as I mentioned above, that’s not where I was introduced to Mr. Space Ghost.

After his show was canceled, the panels were reused to make a cartoon talk show kind of deal-io, “Space Ghost Coast to Coast”. He actually had some pretty big names in the show, and some of the villains of the original Space Ghost cartoon became some of this panel members.

Tips and Tricks for this Space Ghost Body Paint TutorialSpace Ghost Body Paint Tutorial

  1. Get a referance picture. Honestly this trick works anytime you are doing a look based on a character that already exists. Don’t want to piss off the fandoms.
  2. Lay out the big colors first. This will give you an idea of how your paint is coming along, and so you can make sure the character is looking the way you want to. Yes that is technically the same thing… moving on!
  3. Be aware of you paint to water ratio! Especially if you’re going to be putting black near yellow… drips are not your friends.
  4. Speaking of color, do your lightest shades first, then go over with the darker shades. Especially when dealing with white. White absorbs everything… Especially red…
  5. Have fun with it. If you can’t have fun body painting, what can you have fun with?

So I hope these tips were helpful to you guys, I definitely had fun doing it! But let me know in the comments below:

Would you try out a Space Ghost Body Paint for your next Convention? Have you ever watched and episode? Let me know in the comment, and enjoy the video!

One thought on “Space Ghost Body Paint Tutorial

  1. Haha you definitely do not want to ‘piss off the fandom’ so it is a good idea to have a reference. For the record though I think that your space ghost body paint tutorial looks great!

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