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Star Wars Shaak Ti Body Paint Tutorial

Once again, I’m bringing you guys a Star Wars tutorial- a Shaak Ti Body Paint this time around. But…

Who is Shaak Ti?

She’s a certified badass. Not only is she a Jedi, she’s a member of the Jedi High Counsel during the Clone Wars. Early on in her career as a Jedi badass, she actually helped Jedi Master Trebor save Chancellor Palpatine’s life… Hind sight is not everyone’s friend. During the Clone Wars, she was part of the platoon that rescued Obi-Wan during the Battle of Geonosis. Shaak Ti was given the role of Jedi General of the Clone army until the Jedi pulled their involvement in the Clone Wars. Asajj Ventress actually put a bounty on Shaak Ti’s head. Granted she did do that with 81 other Jedi as well, but still.

One thing about Shaak Ti is that she never has a day off. During the Battle of Kamino, she set up the planet’s defenses with Lama Su. She also helped save the lives of the growing clones. During the battle of Hypori, she battled with General Grievous and his droid army- along side 7 other Jedi, and survived. Probably the most bad ass thing that happened with he is she survived Order 66… well depending on which part of the lore you read. The funny part is she’s been through alot in the Star Wars universe, but she’s not really that well known.

Some tips and tricks for a Shaak Ti Body Paint:

  1. Have a reference picture. This one goes for any existing character you want to cosplay.
  2. Start off with the big areas of color. You can add shading and extra details later, and it will make your life easier.
  3. Remember you face shape doesn’t matter. You want to try to become the other character by changing YOUR features as much as you can.
  4. Blend things together. This one isn’t a comic look, so blending goes a long way.
  5. For the black part of your eye, put a dot on your mirror and look in that same spot to get them as even as possible.
  6. For the final look, don’t close your eyes all the way. You didn’t have your eyes completely closed when you drew them on, so don’t do it for the final look. It’ll shift the paint a little. No I have not learned to take my own advice yet…

So would you try out this Shaak Ti body paint? What do you think of this Jedi? Who should I do next? Let me know down below after you check out the video!


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Products Used:
Wolfe Hydrocolor 010
Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ Sky
Wolfe Hydrocolor 040
Global Colours Body Art Neon Blue
Wolfe Hydrocolor 001
Concrete Minerals Pro Matte Eyeshadow Ember
Wolfe Hydrocolor 019
Concrete Minerals Pro Matte Eyeshadow Jet

Brushes Used:
Paint Pal Arty Brush Large 3/4in Flat Brush
Paint Pal Swirl 3
Random 1/2 In Flat Brush

More info on Shaak Ti from Comic Vine

More info on Shaak Ti from Clonewars.Wika

EDM Detection Mode by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


9 thoughts on “Star Wars Shaak Ti Body Paint Tutorial

  1. I am learning a little every time I visit your blog. By the time Halloween comes around, I might be an expert in make up already!

  2. This might be my favourite tutorial of yours to date, I love how intricate and colourful this star wars shaak ti body paint tutorial is and I am a sucker for a badass x

  3. I’m probably one of the last people on earth that has never seen the Star Wars series, however that Shaak ti makeup job is bad @$$! It’s always amazing to see the things people can do with makeup.

  4. Wow! You are truly talented. I wouldn’t be able to do this on myself but it looks so good, that I might gove it a try on some fancy occasion. 😀 😀

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