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Hey guys, Since I took a week break, I decided to give you guys a special Saturday video of me being... well me. This is some of the funnier parts of the stuff I edit out of my videos. Why do I do that? To be completely honest, I want you guys to be able to learn something from the video you're watching, and I feel like be being an idiot doesn't help that much. Besides, then you guys get an 8 minute long video where you can laugh at me lol. So I'll be back next week with 5 new

NoBlandMakeup Announcement and Bloopers!

Hey guys, So this is going to be a short one, since I've basically explained everything in the video already lol. I'm going to try to commit to doing 3 videos a week:Monday, Wednesday, and Friday... Hopefully this will work out since I'm horrible at steadily posting lol. I might have a few random videos here or there (like tags, vlogs, idk what else), so if you want to see something specific- don't hesitate to tell me. I always get to a video eventually... yes I'm still going to do Groot lol. Another thing I'm excited to start doing, is a bi-weekly