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31 Days of Halloween: Cheshire Cat Face Paint Tutorial

Hey guys! Day 1 of my 31 Day of Halloween series is upon us! Yes I'm way too excited for my own good. I decided to start off with the Cheshire Cat from American McGee's Alice because I played the game and became addicted... I have a problem lol. I also was planning on doing this tutorial for a while so I put on my big girl panties and did it. It actually came out super cool and I'm super proud. To be completely honest, the Cheshire Cat is a sarcastic asshole... period. Maybe that's why he's my favorite character. Actually

Shark Week Open Mouth Shark Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys! It's Shark Week! Well... Shark Day for me, but whatever. I'm turning myself into an open mouthed shark today because my craziness knows no bounds! And I was going to compete in Mehron Makeup Monday this week, but that didn't happen... I really need to stop procrastinating. Anywho, This is my tribute to the Great White. What can I say? Jaws impacted my childhood more than I'd like to admit ;). And Now for some random Shark Facts! 1. Sharks lived about 200 Million years before the Dinosaurs, and haven't changed much. Why fix what isn't broken I guess. 2. Hammer head

Despicable Me Minion Body Paint Tutorial

  Hellooooooo, Today we are taking self control and throwing it out of the freaking window! Why? Minions, duh. These adorable yellow dudes are the cutest minions. Yeah evil minions, or henchmen, are usually too stupid to handle, and most likley screw things up, but these guys are so cute that even Gru can't be mad when something goes wrong. He really seems to appreciate them, which honestly is really rare for a villan. So without further adeiu, here's the tutorial!     Products Used: Nyx Jumbo Pencil (Milk, Pots and Pans) Urban Decay Primer Potion Sugarpill Sweetheart Palette (Tako) Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette (Shellshock) E.L.F.