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Flamenco Makeup and Hair Tutorial

Hello flamenco fans everywhere! Today is the first day in my trip in the history of makeup with this Flamenco Hair and Makeup tutorial. Weird place to start I know, but this look is inspired by the amazing beauty of flamenco (and flamenco is really fun to say). For those of you know don't know, flamenco is a dance that originated in Spain. It's beautiful because not only is watching the dancers fly a cross the stage just amazing, their costumes are fantastic as well. Flamenco is, to me, a less blatantly sexual version of the Tango- but it still has an

Hair How To: Curling Your Hair with a Curling Iron

Hello Curley-q's I really have no idea where that one came from lol. Today I'm giving you guys some insight on how I curl hair, which is a prelude to a very special tutorial that will be up Wednesday :D. I'll stop ranting and let you guys get to it Here's some quick tips when it comes to curling your hair: ~Whenever you use any type of heat, use a heat protector. Seriously, it will save you a huge headache. ~Use small sections when you do this, it will make it more manageable, and you will make sure you don't forget a piece accidentally. ~To