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Soft and Natural Wedding Makeup Tutorial feat. MsBeautyRoyalty

Hey Guys! So today for a Valentine's Day collab I'm doing with Ms.BeautyRoyalty, we're doing wedding looks (duh Kirsten). I went the softer route, way more natural and just cleaner. Ms.BeautyRoyalty went for full on wedding glam! Both these looks are perfect for weddings, so if you guys like my video, don't forget to check out hers! What is it about weddings that make people clinically insane? The nicest person ever could be getting married and suddenly turns into a bridezilla. Personally, I hate that word, but it gets my point across. The funny part is that it isn't just the bride

Shakira “Cant Remember to Forget You” Makeup Tutorial

Hello Sexy People, Today is a part one of two type video for Shakira's new music video "Can't Remember to Forget You" featuring Rihanna. Two guesses as to who's going to be in the second part of this mini series lol. I decided to start with this one because it's her video (duh) and because it is very natural and wearable for not only when you are out with your friends, and a smokey eye is not so appealing, or if you want something glamorous to wear to work without it taking forever, or looking like it did. So, without further