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Carnage Body Paint Tutorial

    So I havent written one of these journal things in a while since I got rid of the Venom thing... that was a weird week. Lately I've been feeling a little weird though. I don't know, almost like my anger is getting a little out of hand. This lady bumped into me and I kind of wanted to rip her guts out... Maybe it's just that time of the month.... *3 days later* ...I think I have a problem... So those anger issues I was talking about a few days ago seem to be getting worse, some of my friends said I

Spiderman Face Paint Tutorial

  Spiderman, Spiderman First a parasite takes over, now I get bitten by a spider?? I think I need to take a vacation... somewhere without so much craziness... yeah that's probably not going to happen lol. For the record, no I wasn't in a lab, I was just walking sown the street and got bit by a spider, freaked out, and may or may not have bumped into a cart full of radioactive goo. They should really put those things somewhere more safe. Anyway, before we get into this Spiderman Face Paint, let's give you guys some backstory. Seriously though, I'm sure 99%