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A Year of No Bland Makeup

So it's finally the end of 2014... This year was kind of bittersweet for me. Granted there were alot of awesome things that happened: I went to the Bahamas for a second time for a photoshoot, I really got back into youtube, I found out I'm pretty decent at bodypainting. But there were also some crappy parts, like not being able to finish my 31 Days of Halloween thing (There's always next year). But all in all, this year was actually pretty badass now that I'm thinking about it. I've cracked 200 subscribers. I've gotten some pretty freaking awesome comments that gave

Work Safe Wednesday Ep. 1 Pop of Color

Hey Guys and Gals! So today starts my biweekly series called, you guessed it, Work Safe Wednesday! I started this series because see alot of the same makeup looks when it comes to work. Now, don't get me wrong, they look good; but I have this thing about people looking the same all the time. I believe that just because you are in a stricter setting, doesn't mean you have to limit yourself to boring makeup every day. Jazz it up a bit without losing your job. That being said, I know some work places are a bit more strict on makeup