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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Body Paint Tutorial


Hello Again!

So in light of there being a new Ninja Turtles movie coming out, I figured there is no way they could look creepier than they do in this flick, so why not turn myself into a turtle? Yes, I’m insane, I know ;). Anywho, this is another tale about why animals sould or shouldn’t be exposed to radiation (depends on which side of the isle you are on for that one). My favorte thing about the Turtles, is that they really were teenagers. Yeah they were mutant turtles who lived in a freaking awesome sewer, but they were still teenagers. It gave them personality, and made them stand out without being gimic-y.

And just because I didn’t explain myself up there too well, the reason I tink these new ones are creepy is because they look almost like the Amazing Orange on a turtle. Yeah the cgi is better, but still. They almost stuck a persons face on a turtle. Will I still see this movie with my boyfriend? Yep, and hopefully the action and witty comments will be enough to beat back nightmares lol. So enough ranting from me, here’s the video!


Products Used:
Wolfe FX Essentials Palette (057 It. Green, 078 Lilac, 019 Saddle Brown, 010 Black)
Concrete Minerals Pro Matte Shadow (Thrash, Jet, Queen)

Brushes Used:
Made Yew Look Foundation Brush
Made Yew Look Eyeshadow Brush
Fine Artist Brush
Real Techniques Foundation Brush
Made Yew Look Angled Brush

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