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Transformers Bumblebee Body Paint Tutorial (No Bland Makeup)


Bumblebee Body Paint TutorialTime to whip out my Optimus Prime voice because it’s Transforming Time!

Yeah so maybe I couldn’t remember Optimus Prime’s catch phrase and stole some of the thing’s phrase… atleast I can admit that lol. That and I forgot who said it’s “clobberin time” and had to look it up… I’m a bad nerd today lol. But that’s ok because I’m working on 5 hours of sleep, with no coffee even though I’m at a starbucks… My priorities are really screwed up lol. But why Bumblebee you ask? Why not? That and he’s my favorite. He’s a teenager and the most spunky of the bunch. He’s also a pretty good wing man lol.

Goofing off as BumblebeeWe all know that he has a voice issue (he can’t talk like the regular Autobots since his voice box malfunctioned), but he still finds extremely amusing ways to communicate. Who says there’s not a song for every situation? So enough sleepless rambles lol. Check out the video that was inspired by a mix of the original cartoon, and the cgi movie, and let me know who is your favorite Transformers character!






Please note: The links provided in this section are affiliate links. Why did I start using them? Because they help fund the channel for better equipment, products, and pay other channel related costs. Yes I realize I just sounded like a robot, but it’s still true. If you’re not comfortable with using affiliate links, feel free to Google the products.

Products Used:
Wolfe Fx  (050 Yellow, 010 Black, 019 Saddle Brown, 006 Grey)
Urban Decay Vice Palette (Shell Shock)
Sleek Acid Palette (Black)

Brushes Used:
Fine Artist Brush
Made Yew Look Foundation Brush
Crown Brush Concealer Brush
Made Yew Look Large Eye Shadow Brush
Coastal Scents Small Angled Brush


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Beachfront Celebration” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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