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Venom: Body Paint Tutorial

Hello Earthlings, Today I decided it would be a good idea to take a vacation in space, and may or may not have contracted a very aggressive parasite. I think it’s okay though; I mean yeah I have terrible mood swings, and can’t remember large periods of time, but really what’s the worst that could happen?? Okay, so maybe letting this cool looking Symbiote… live… on me… wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had. He didn’t like being referred to as a parasite btw… In fact I have a huge headache from the roaring screams I’ve been hearing for the last ten minutes in my head. How was I supposed to know it wasn’t  a parasite, but an alien? Especially one with such a vulgar mouth, geeze dude, chill.


So apparently “Venom”, as it’s making me call it, has been dumped by it’s last host… not sure how that happened… By the way, I’ve been feeling a little tired lately, granted I can run super fast, and I’m way stronger than I used to be, but seriously. Maybe I need to take more Vitamins. Anyway, I don’t think sharing a body with anyone is healthy, especially this guy… Next time I’ll record a video and see what happens with it.



Mehron Spirit Gum

Graphtobian Clown White Cream

Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette (Tako)

Nyx Jumbo Pencil (Black Bean)

Ben Nye Bruise Wheel (Dark Purple, Dark Red)

Sleek Acid Palette (Black)

Brushes Used:

Crown Brush Syntho Angled Liner Brush

Made Yew Look Large Shadow Brush

Coastal Scents Crease Brush

ELF Powder Brush


Pictures in Thumbnail:
Venom Logo:


City Background:

“Five Armies” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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