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X-Men: Nightcrawler Body Paint Tutorial (NoBlandMakeup)

So today, I’m a little blue… and red, and black, and a little yellow lol. I heard they Nightcrawler body paint noblandmakeupcast Nightcrawler for the next X-Men movie, I got out of my no body painting funk with a Nightcrawler Body Paint tutorial lol. Nightcrawler’s history is actually pretty cool considering who his parents are (Mystique and Azazel). He had a Moses moment soon after he was born; while Mystique was giving birth to him, she lost control of her powers, add an angry mob, and yeah… Luckily he survived :D.


So what happened next?

Nightcrawler body paint3He got to do what most of us threaten to do as kids- live with the circus. He formed a family there (ring master excluded), but when he got older, and couldn’t draw in as much of a crowd, the owner of the circus decided to sell him. Gotta love respecting basic human rights, right? Anyway he managed to escape with the help of the sorceress that lived with the circus, and made it to Father Wagner’s church. Nightcrawler’s first teleporation attempt, or even knowing that he could do it, was with a gun pointed in his face. I’m guesing the ring master wasn’t too happy about losing him.

Fast forward a little bit, Professor X saved Wagner (Nightcrawler) from a mob, who was a little bit mad that he killed children in the village, or so they though. It was actually his friend Steven from the Circus (That’s what happens when you lose it.) Professor X and his awesome timing were trying to recruit Wagner for the X-Men. Nightcrawler helped Professor X and Cyclops rescue the other Xmen from Krakoa (An island turned blob style villan. This is why radioactive testing isn’t the greatest idea.)

Now there is a ton more on Nightcrawler if you guys look online, this is just a little backstory on him. and by little, I mean miniscule lol.

So would you try out this Nightcrawler body paint tutorial? Who is your favorite X-Men character? Did you ever threaten to join the circus? Let me know in the comments below!



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Products Used:
FAB Makeup (Bright Blue)
Wolfe Fx (010 Black, 030 Red, 001 White, 050 Yellow)
Concrete Minerals (Bruise, Confession, Jet, Risque)
Brushes Used:
MadeYewLook Foundation Brush
E.L.F. Shadow “C” Brush
My Glam Blending Brush

Background for Thumbnail

First Picture of Nightcrawler

Second Picture of Nightcrawler


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