Guardians of the Galaxy: Starlord Face Paint Tutorial

Guess who’s finally tackling the last of the Guardians of the Galaxy?!?! This chick!

So I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for Starlord for a while. I didn’t want to do a normal makeup for him since I didn’t just want to dress my boyfriend up in a red leather jacket and call it a day. So after a while of passive agressively thinking about it, I realized I Star-Lord_Dialogue_1was bieng kind of dumb. Why the hell don’t I do his helmet from the movie? And so it came to be… or something like that.

starlord1So a little on Starlord, he was originally from Earth. He also almost died as a baby when his “father” realized he didn’t look like his self or his mother. Luckily for the future Starlord, his father was about to kill him when he had a heart attack and died. Go ahead and laugh- I know I was for a while lol. Peter was a loner, and was obsessed with scifi and NASA (that might explain the nickname). What the movie said about Kyras Guardiansofthegalaxy_avatar_star-lordShakati picking up Peter Quill (Starlord) as a child was actually true. Unfortunately, it was Peter’s great uncle who hired Shakati, and he wanted to kill them. Let’s just say the writers knew kids were going to be watching this also. So one botched double homicide later (they killed his mom, but missed him). Peter vowed to make them pay.

And if you watched Guardian’s of the Galaxy you pretty much know the rest of his story. What can I say? The movie didn’t explain it perfectly, but they were pretty acurate.

Starlord instagramProducts Used:
Wolfe Fx (001 White, 010 Black, 030 Yellow, 040 Orange)
FAB Makeup (Silver)
Brushes Used:
MadeYewLook Foundation Brush
ELF Shadow “C” Brush
Wolfe F Small Detail Brush

Kirsten (NoBlandMakeup) has been freelancing as a makeup artist for 3 years. She started body painting back in 2013. Her love of makeup started back in 2010 before she started her youtube channel.

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  1. It is really sad to hear about the upbringing that Starlord had and how many people in his life tried to hurt him, poor thing. You did an amazing body paint shoot here x

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