Ultimate Beauty Challenge !Extreme! Tag

Hello Seekers of a Fun Tag,

Today I decided to do a tag that was more action than answering questions. If you want to watch me freak out while I put eyeliner on in 30 seconds, check out this video lol. Seriously though it was sooo much fun. Thanks to Nikkitutorials for making this awesome tag! For the challenges and times check out my video or the paragraphs under it, as well as me ranting about random things 😉

Challenge 1- Top Knot in 5 Seconds

So this one was not made with long hair-d girls in mind. Honestly, the fact that i managed to get my hair that high in 5 seconds is a miracle. I also realized that 5 seconds to do anything with my hair is almost impossible.

Challenge 2- Perfect Winged Eyeliner in 30 Seconds

This one was actually easier than I thought it was going to be. Granted it would have been nice if my eyeliner didn’t break half way through 🙁 lol. Still love my Urban Decay Glide on Eyeliner!

Challenge 3- Perfect Red Lips in 10 Seconds

So I should have probably had the cap off AND the lipstick rolled up, but hey, I just made this challenge more challenging. Not perfect perfect, but if I walk out in the street I won’t look tooo0 crazy 😉

Challenge 4- Perfect Red Nails in 10 seconds

So I may or may not have been able to find a red nail polish to save my life, but I tried! I got something as close as I could get (which wasn’t close at all) *cough* pink *cough*. What did I learn from this challenge? I cannot paint my nails in ten seconds to save my life lol.

Challenge 5- Name as Many Beauty Brands as You Can in 20 Seconds

I felt like I did pretty good with this one, 13 yay! Didn’t beat Nikkitutorials, but I still feel pretty good ;).

So now it’s your turn, I challenge you to do this and post you links down below!

Kirsten (NoBlandMakeup) has been freelancing as a makeup artist for 3 years. She started body painting back in 2013. Her love of makeup started back in 2010 before she started her youtube channel.

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